Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine

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After 21 years of publishing, the award-winning quarterly magazine devoted to greyhounds as pets has published its final issue

We are pleased to announce that all back issues will be coming online and available to both new and experienced adopters.  Links to full issues will gradually become available from the Back Issues page.  

If you would like to be informed when new content is added, please register here.  We are grateful for donations in any amount to support this and all of our educational efforts.  

Thank you to our readers for your years of generous support and lively feedback. Thank you to Marcia Herman, Cindy Hanson, and Stacy Pigott for your thoughtful and intelligent stewardship over the years. Thank you to the wonderful team of copy editors who have given up their personal time to make each issue read like they got paid for it. And thank you to every person who has contributed toward the incredible wealth of content in this magazine, making each issue a small treasure. 

The Fall/Winter 2017 issue is available now. 

After 21 years, we published the final issue of Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine in the Winter of 2017.  In addition to typical feature articles (greyhound space aggression, surviving Hurricane Irma, the importance of allowing your dog to sniff, the benefits of chiropractic care, and helping a greyhound with PTSD), the issue includes a history of communication among Greyhound enthusiasts and retrospectives from all three of the Magazine’s past editors: Marcia Herman, Cindy Hanson, and Stacy Pigott.

Click to download the current issue: