What to Get Before Adopting

Recommended Books

Adopting the Retired Racing Greyhound 
By Cynthia Branigan

The Greyhound: An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet 
By Daniel Braun Stern

Greyhounds: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual 
By D. Caroline Coile, PHD

Guide to Adopting an Ex-Racing Greyhound 
By Carolyn Raeke

If you have children:
Childproofing Your Dog: A Complete Guide to Preparing Your Dog for the Children in Your Life 
By Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson


Most people use a crate for the first few days or weeks until the dog has fully adjusted to its new home, and has demonstrated that he or she will not eat your quilt or your cat. 


A four or six foot leash made of nylon webbing or leather.

Humane Training Collar*

A choke type collar made from nylon webbing, also known as Greyhound or Martingale collars. The Greyhound's skin is far too sensitive for metal chokers, and because their heads are smaller than their necks, regular dog collars don't work well. 

Dog Tag*

Many people suggest that you just put your name and phone number on the tag. 

Food and Water Bowls

Most people seem to prefer stainless steel bowls. Many dogs have trouble eating from bowls placed on the floor. Some retailers sell special 'high rise' bowls. As an alternative, you can place the bowls on low tables, use a plant stand, or use a drywall bucket with the lid cut to hold the bowl. Another idea: place the bowls on a baking sheet with raised edges to help contain spills. 


Every dog varies, but due to their short hair and lack of body fat, most get chilled at low temperatures. You should buy a jacket made especially for Greyhounds due to their deep chests. 

Dog Bed

Because they have such a low body fat content, Greyhounds need a soft place to sleep. Most Greyhounds seem to prefer foam filled beds rather than cedar beds. Many people use old comforters or quilts. 


Until you can trust the dog, a basket muzzle is essential if you have a cat or small dog in your home. Muzzles are also required if you plan to bring your dog to an organized playgroup. 

Microbial Cleaner / Odor Remover

Accidents will happen. Brand names include Nature's Miracle and Simple Solution.


Get plenty of sleep the night before you pick up your pup! 

Pet License

Pick up an application for a Dog License from your town or city offices. 


Rubber grooming mitts and oval rubber curry brushes work well with the Greyhounds' short coat and thin skin. Your dog will enjoy getting a gentle message. Toenails should be trimmed at least monthly, although they may require less attention if you frequently walk on pavement. 

Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Preventatives

See your veterinarian right away to be sure you keep outwanted visitors out of your house and out of your dog. 


The furry or fuzzy stuffed animals with squeekers or grunters seem to be the favorite toys.
*Often, the adoption agency will supply the collar, dog tag, leash and muzzle. Some also lend or rent crates. Check with the agency before you buy.