Books - Out of Print

Reina, the Galgo
By Nicole De Messieres, Published by E P Dutton, ISBN: 0525667490, Sep 1981

Jet, A Gift to the Family
By Geoffrey Kilner (Editor), Published by Kestrel Books, ISBN: 0722652011

S. Mackey's review for Books: 05/27/97, rating=7: A wonderful book for dog fanciers both young and old. Jet is an honest story of a Greyhound puppy born into a poor, working class family. The book centres on how the family deals with the hopes and dreams of owning a winning Greyhound. I enjoyed the character development very much. Although the story might lead people to believe that there is money to be made in breeding Greyhounds this is rarely the case. Breeding dogs should only be undertaken with a sincere desire to improve the breed. Thousands of these wonderful creatures are destroyed or adopted out to families every year. For anyone who has ever loved a dog, I highly recommend this book.

The Modern Greyhound
By H. Edwards Clarke, Published by Hutchinson's Library of Sport and Pastimes, London

Mostly coursing and racing stuff. An oldie but a goodie. Almost every book by Clarke is an interesting read.

How to Raise and Train a Greyhound
By Georgiana Mueller, Published by TFH Publishing

This is one of those slender paperbacks of which two-thirds is generic dog care information. However, the one-third which is written by Ms. Mueller is good information and the photos are quite nice.

Greyhounds in America
By Sue A. Lackey (Editor), Published by Greyhound Club of America, ISBN: 0962282820

The Greyhound Owner's Encyclopaedia
By Ivy M. Regan, ISBN: 0720706173

The Greyhound in Australia 1987-1993
By Mike G. Agostini, Published by M.G.A. Publications, ISBN: 0909437009

Greyhound Champions 1987-1993
Published by Camino Book Co, ISBN: 155893037X

The Greyhound and Greyhound Racing
A History of the Greyhound in Britain from Earliest Times to the Present Day
By Roy Genders, Published by Sporting Handbooks, ISBN: 0850200474

The Greyhound - Top Dog Series
By William Reynolds Sanford and Carl R. Green, Published by Crestwood House, ISBN: 0896864502, Nov 1989

The Greyhound
By H. Edwards Clarke (revised by Charles Blanning), Published by Popular Dogs Publishing Co. Ltd., ISBN: 0091414105, Apr 1980

This has a little bit of everything - history of the breed, coursing, racing, showing and kennel management. Though it is not written with pet owners in mind, it has lots of interesting information.

The Encyclopaedia of Greyhound Racing: A Complete History of the Sport
By Roy Genders, Published by Michael Joseph, ISBN: 0720711061, May 1982

All About the Racing Greyhound
By Barbara Tompkins and Pam Heasman, Published by Michael Joseph, ISBN: 0720717671, Oct 1988

All About the Greyhound
By Anne Rollins, Published by Howell Book House, Macmillan Publishing Company, 866 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022, ISBN: 0727017578, Apr 1989