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So You Want to Run Your Sighthound

Denise Como
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the author privately, 1996. $15.00 paperback. To order, write to: Denise Como 741 Lakehurst Ave Jackson NJ 08527
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If you have ever considered entering your sighthound in one of the various forms of running sports for gazehounds, this could be one of your most invaluable resources. It ranks right up there with having the rule books for the various sports in which you are interested. It's handy for those of us who have been at the games for a while but could use a refresher and reminder as well as for rank novices. Laurel Drew

Running With the Big Dogs

Lee Livingood
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the author privately. 1997 $21.95 plus $4 shipping and handling per copy To order, write to: Lee Livingood 4807 Lancer St. Harrisburg, PA 17109-3231 or contact the author by e-mail at

excerpt from our review: Running with the Big Dogs fills a gap that has existed in available literature about greyhound adoption. In it Lee Livingood discusses greyhound behavior and the reasons behind that behavior, and gives good suggestions on how to make the transition from a working racing dog to family life in the community. She accomplishes this without playing on the pity theme that results in adoptions that don't work out once the adopter's altruistic feelings have subsided.

Play Training Your Dog

Patricia Gail Burnham
Published by: 
St. Martin's Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
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Ms. Burnham is a well known breeder and trainer of a fine line of show champion greyhounds, and her book on dog training is based on her experience training her own dogs.

This is not written as a guide to general Greyhound care. It is an obedience training book written by a Greyhound breeder and all but two pages of the many lovely illustrations are photographs of Greyhounds. It covers basic obedience (AKC) through the Utility Dog exercises.

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